February 2023 Sale

It’s a short month so get these fire sale items while they last!


🔥MAPEFLOOR Finish 450: $99 per 5-gallon kit

– High-performance, aliphatic non-yellowing outdoor and indoor polyurethane

– 75% off

– Only 23 available in tan and gray at our St. George location.

– Shipping is available.




🔥TC Interior/Exterior Bagged Products: $15 per bag

– TC-1 White Basecoat Cement

– TC-3 Gray Medium Texture

– TC-5 Gray Grout Texture

– Available in Palm Desert

– Shipping available on remaining inventory


🔥TC-40 Liquid Colorant: $9.99 each

– ONLY at Palm Desert

– Available colors: straw, peach, cinnamon, bark, clay and yellow





🔥SC-30 Acid Stain: $19.99 per gallon

– ONLY at Palm Desert

– Available in chocolate, blonde and canyon





🔥SLABHARD® PROFILL FAST PATCH: $129.99 per 2 gallon kit

– Featured product

– Joint filling

– Non-structural crack repair

– Patching of concrete and masonry substrates

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