May Promo – Premera T2 MCM

This month only, stock up on Premera T2 MCM for only $139 per gallon!

This advanced sol-gel technology, offers unparalleled protection for a variety of surfaces including concrete, terrazzo, tile, and existing coatings. This single-component clear coating is engineered to create a robust quartz mineral barrier, safeguarding your surfaces against a multitude of threats.

What sets Premera T2 MCM apart is its effortless application process. Say goodbye to tedious grinding or sanding – T2 MCM chemically fuses with substrates, eliminating the need for substrate profiling. Simply spray down T2 MCM and watch it self-level, allowing applicators to achieve a smooth finish without the hassle of back-rolling.

But the real magic lies in Premera T2 MCM’s exceptional durability. Engineered to withstand the harshest conditions, this coating provides superior resistance against a wide array of challenges including harsh chemicals, abrasion, mold, mildew, moss, chlorides & salt spray, acid rain, UV damage, oxidation, animal & bird waste damage, gum, and graffiti.

Get the ultimate in surface protection with Premera T2 MCM. Whether you’re safeguarding commercial spaces, industrial facilities, or residential areas, trust Premera to deliver unmatched durability and peace of mind.

Learn more about Premera T2 MCM: Premera T2 MCM – Desert Polymer Flooring

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