NEW!! MER-KO System

Exciting News! Desert Polymer Flooring is now offering MER-KO by Westcoat – Your Ultimate Plywood Deck Waterproofing Solution! 💦 Say goodbye to metal lathe struggles and hello to a more affordable, easier, and safer to install system. No more wrestling with stapling and flattening expanded metal lathe – MER-KO features a fiberglass lathe that’s lighter and kinder to your hands and arms!

This multi-component systems includes:

  • MK-62 Sheet Membrane
  • MK-71 Shur-Dek Glass Lathe
  • MK-5 Sher-Dek Cement
  • MK-40 Top-Coat

Currently this system is only available at our Tempe location. Call us today and ask about MER-KO!