Our Team

Carlos Santana

Brand Ambassador

Carlos Santana joined Desert Polymer Flooring as Brand Ambassador in our Tempe Superstore and Distribution Center in Fall of 2021. In this role, he is responsible for identifying potential business partnerships, establishing relationships within contractors and developers, and representing Desert Polymer Flooring at industry conferences, trade shows, and other events. He will also play a key role in the launch of Desert Polymer Flooring’s SLABHARD® product line throughout the region.

Carlos brings over 30 years of concrete coatings industry experience to the team. Most recently, he worked as a Manufacturers Sales Representative for Arizona Polymer Flooring where he gained extensive hands-on experience with resinous floor products in residential, commercial, industrial, and military applications. These projects have taken him across the US, including international projects in Barbados, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Carlos is an expert in decorative concrete and performance floor systems and evaluating the unique requirements of each job. He has overseen projects in the food & beverage facilities, military bases, C&C manufacturing facilities, dairies, meat packing plants, and aircraft hangars – just to name a few.

“No two jobs are exactly alike. You need to evaluate each one and make sure you’ve got the right product for the job. That’s why I like to learn everything I can about the space and my customer’s expectations: foot traffic, exposure to the elements, moisture, possible chemical contaminants – everything. Desert Polymer Flooring has a reputation for the best decorative concrete and restorative products. I’m bringing my years of experience to the table, so our customers always know they’re get the best product to meet their unique needs. It’s a win-win all around.”

Carlos is based in our newest location in beautiful Tempe, Arizona.