Jake Carter
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Jake Carter

Operations Manager, Palm Desert

Jake Carter is the newest addition to the Desert Polymer Flooring management team, taking on the responsibility of overseeing the day-to-day operations of the newly established Las Vegas branch which opened in August 2023.

Leveraging his industry experience and knowledge of the Las Vegas market, Jake played a pivotal role in shaping the showroom’s development. His objective was to infuse the showroom with a fresh perspective that was in alignment with the unique custom-order preferences and sophisticated aesthetics frequently sought after by both contractors and their clients.

The showroom boasts an array of tributes to the city and its customers such as; a mural of the Las Vegas strip, the signature “Vegas Golden Knights” color scheme throughout the showroom, a nod to the city’s ice hockey team, and a vast selection of samples to show the breadth of options and possibilities for any project.

Jake started off his career in the Airforce. He was based in Las Vegas and specialized in weapons systems for F35’s. During his service in Las Vegas, Jake was introduced to the world of concrete coatings when he was asked to work with a coatings contractor to coat the hangar floors at the base. The experience ignited Jake’s curiosity and kindled a deep-seated passion to delve deeper into the field.

Subsequently, Jake immersed himself in the concrete coatings industry, applying coatings to garage floors for himself, family members and friends. He committed to himself to mastering the materials and processes involved. Eager to share his work, Jake launched his own company and began documenting his projects on social media, quickly amassing a dedicated following.

During this time, fate led Jake to cross paths with Chuck LaSalle, owner and CEO of Desert Polymer Flooring. Jake engaged in DPF’s training sessions, impressing Chuck with his enthusiasm and dedication to the craft. Recognizing his potential, Chuck took him under his wing, initiating a mentorship that eventually led to him being hired on to the team as a management leader.

Jake’s responsibilities include shipping, logistics, inventory management, customer service and special orders. In addition to this, he also keeps the warehouse fully stocked and maintained to ensure that customers have what they need at all times.