Husqvarna PG 450

Husqvarna PG 450

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Husqvarna PG 450 is a versatile and user-friendly planetary floor grinder designed to excel across a spectrum of tasks. From efficient coating removal to precise concrete grinding and the finesse of concrete polishing, this powerhouse delivers. It is also suitable to use to make Husqvarna Superfloor™ effortlessly. With its 450 mm grinding width it is excellent for or navigating small, challenging areas and expansive surfaces alike. It is ideal for rental and both professional and semi-professional applications due to its many self-adjusting benefits. The 1-phase functionality renders it suitable for both industrial and domestic applications. Swiftly fold and disassemble without the need for tools, ensuring effortless transport and storage. Elevate your floor care with the PG 450 – where versatility meets performance.

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