PG 690
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PG 690 RC

PG 690 RC is a remote controlled, powerful floor grinder but still compact enough to pass through a standard door. Its total width is 26 in / 67 cm. The remote control sets the operator free to manage hoses and cables while still grinding, for up to 40% higher productivity. The motorized drive also simplifies transportation. This is the go-to-choice for most grinding jobs, both industrial and commercial.

The planetary drive system and the improved, Husqvarna-unique Dual Drive Technology™ of the PG 690 RC delivers excellent grinding performance. Adjustable weights for extra grinding pressure and LED lights are optional. Suitable for all applications: floor prep, grinding and polishing. A high performing machine for the HiPERFLOOR® concrete polishing system. To maximize reliability and reduce maintenance, the vital components are protected against dust and slurry inside the hermetically sealed grinding head and electrical cabinet.

Size: 25 Inches

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