SLABHARD Orange Clean is a citrus-based cleaner that is safe and natural. This concentrated degreaser instantly dissolves grease, oil, animal fats, proteins, and adhesive. Orange Clean contains no petroleum solvents and has no flashback vapors when sprayed on surfaces. It can be used in auto scrubbers, pressure washers, bucket, or spray bottles and it leaves behind a pleasant citrus fragrance.

MagmaFlo™ Epoxy is formulated specifically for use in metallic flooring applications. It is a low viscosity, 100% solids, commercial grade, clear epoxy that allows MagmaFlo Metallic Pigments to creep and flow into lava like patterns. The finished result reveals a metallic sheen that shifts as the light changes. MagmaFlo metallic floor systems are finished with one of SLABHARD’s two component Polyaspartics or Polyurethanes. Both finish coat options are abrasion resistant, chemical and stain resistant, high solids, high performance and UV stable. MagmaFlo Epoxy is VOC complaint in all states and provinces in North America.

FASTFLO™ 100 Pigmented Fast Cure Polyurea is a high-performance polyurea primer, base coat and coating. It is a low viscosity, low odor, 100% solids. This product has been developed specifically for one day systems. It features outstanding adhesion, abrasion, impact and chemical resistance. It is designed specifically for challenging flooring and wall surfacing environments in a wide range of temperature and climatic conditions, including but not limited to commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. It is VOC compliant in all states and provinces in North America.

SLABREZ® 47 is your go-to cement modifier and can be used in both sprayable and patching mortar applications. This acrylic polymer concentrate is designed for sprayable cementitious compositions. It can be use in exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) basecoats and adhesives and sprayable stucco-type coatings – and can be applied over a variety of surfaces. Applied correctly, this modifier works well on old concrete and masonry, brick, wood, metals, and many other surfaces.

Cem-Rez R is a standard resurfacer grade material with good flow characteristics. It is excellent for squeegee and broom finishes.

Cem-Rez T is used to resurface residential and commercial concrete floors. Typical applications include driveways, walkways, porches and patios to entryways, pool areas and any other floor or deck that requires the combined features of a non-slip, durable surface.

Cem-Rez T can offer the beauty of a colorful and renewed coating. When applied correctly, Cem-Rez T gives the highest adhesion and compression strengths of any similar overlay. Using stencils and coloring, Cem-Rez T overlay system can simulate the look of tile, flagstone, slate and brick.

Enhance your flooring and create a lasting impression with SLABHARD Decorative Color Chips. These vibrant vinyl acrylic paint chips are specially designed for use in decorative color chip and seamless flooring systems. Add a burst of color and texture to your projects!

Choose from a wide spectrum of chip colors, carefully curated blends, and even request custom blends to suit your unique vision. Whether you’re aiming for a contemporary aesthetic or a classic look, we have the perfect chip for you.

Multi-colored vinyl chips are embedded in a pigmented basecoat and sealed with successive coats of clear glaze. Choose from a variety of colors and chip sizes to get the look that you desire. Choose larger chips to create the look of terrazzo or granite, or smaller chips for a hard surface carpet appearance. SLABHARD color chip systems offer proven durability and longevity for a multitude of applications.

See our color chip blend charts here:
SLABHARD Designer Series
SLABHARD Classic Series
SLABHARD Quarry Series

SLABREZ™ 500 is a two component, high build, high pigmented load epoxy binder that is especially designed to receive Desert Polymer Flooring’s vinyl chips systems. It is self-priming and is formulated as a moisture tolerant epoxy binder that bonds tenaciously to dry or damp concrete. It can be applied directly to “surface saturated dry” (SSD) concrete slabs on grade (with no standing water). The high pigment load design means that it can easily hide concrete between 160 to 200 square feet (14.9 to 18.9 sq. m) in a single coat application. It has ample
working time to cut-in, apply, and broadcast the vinyl chips.


JOINTSHOT™ is a two-component, rapid setting, self-leveling, 100% solids, polyurea joint sealant, and crack filler.

SLABHARD® GUARD is a copolymer polish guard formulation that improves the surface sheen and stain resistance of conventional concrete, hardened concrete, or cement terrazzo floors.

SLABHARD® DENSIFIER XL is the premium hardener, concrete densifier and sealer for concrete surfaces. This penetrating lithium silicate treatment reacts with the concrete to produce insoluble calcium silicate hydrate within the concrete pores.

The Elite-Grind G 1400 series is available in a number of bond-hardness ranges, for use on materials ranging from porous ceramic glues and soft and rain-damaged concrete to terrazzo and semi-polished concrete.

For cleaning, routing and repairing of cracks in concrete and most other building materials.

Engineered for grinding concrete, masonry and stone.

Engineered for grinding concrete, masonry and stone.

Radius cove trowel used to install integral cove base.

Easycove’s patented cove system is truly one of a kind! In the course of countless hours, designs and improvements, we are proud to offer you the most effective cove on the market. Longevity and durability are our standard and our commercial cove system, paired with our custom formulated adhesive creates a bond so strong that when applied to a concrete surface, takes over 300lbs of pulling force to remove a section less than 2 feet long off of a wall.

The Magic Trowel® is an exceptional floor squeegee that meets the needs of professional surface applications of the thickset, industrial-grade surface coverings. Designed specifically for epoxy coatings, topcoats, and other heavy materials such as cement compounds or admixtures.

CHIP BRUSH–White China bristle. Our chip brushes are ideal for industrial applications, applying glues, epoxies, and cleaning around machinery. They work well for trimming in and around corners and edges.

Professional, premium quality roller covers manufactured specifically for Floor Coatings / Industrial applications. These rollers are woven, made with shed-resistant fabric and set on a solvent-resistant core and hold and release coatings very well. They can be used on urethanes and epoxy coatings.