Epoxy Novolac 900

APF Epoxy Novolac 900 is a 100% solids, a multi-functional epoxy system designed to give highly cross-linked coatings with resistance to a broad range of chemicals including 98% sulfuric acid, and most solvents. APF Epoxy Novolac offers a workable pot life, blush-free cure and positive curing down to 40ºF. The material is available with a non-sag thickener for vertical application. Designed high performance and ease of applications, APF Epoxy Novolac is ideal for a variety of chemical-resistant applications. It is especially suitable in areas subject to high concentrations of acids such as metal plating, circuit board manufacturing.


  • Excellent resistance to inorganic acids, 98% sulfuric acid
  • Excellent resistance to elevated temperatures (<175ºF/80ºC)
  • Will cure down to 40ºF (4.5ºC)