MAGMAFLO® Metallic Pigment

MAGMAFLO Metallic Pigment present a distinctive and enchanting flooring solution that adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Crafted from high-quality mica pigment powder, MAGMAFLO opens up a realm of design possibilities, seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality. Ideal for use in various applications, including epoxy, polyurethane, and other binders, MAGMAFLO Metallic Pigment offer the flexibility to create three-dimensional, seamless, and visually stunning color schemes.


Mica Pigment Powder: The foundation of MAGMAFLO Designer Metallics lies in the use of premium mica pigment powder. This material not only imparts a luxurious metallic sheen but also ensures durability and longevity.

Versatile Applications: MAGMAFLO Metallic Pigment can be integrated into a wide range of products, making it adaptable for diverse applications. Whether used in epoxy, polyurethane, or other binders, these materials elevate the visual appeal of surfaces.

Three-Dimensional Design: One of the standout features of MAGMAFLO Metallic Pigment is its ability to create three-dimensional effects. This characteristic allows for the development of intricate and dynamic patterns, adding depth and character to floors and surfaces.

Seamless Integration: Achieving a seamless and polished look is effortless with MAGMAFLO Metallic Pigment. The materials blend seamlessly with various binding agents, resulting in a smooth, uniform surface that enhances the overall aesthetic of any space.

Endless Color Schemes: The array of metallic pigments opens up a world of design possibilities. Whether aiming for a modern, industrial vibe or a classic, timeless aesthetic, these metallic pigments enable the creation of captivating and unique color schemes.