Polyaspartic 7500

APF Polyaspartic 7500 is a low viscosity, easy to apply product that results in a very high gloss finish that is both hard and abrasion resistant. This material releases soil easily and has excellent resistance to a broad range of chemicals. APF Polyaspartic 7500 has adequate working time to be applied by brush and roller. APF Polyaspartic 7500 is a very rapid curing product able to be returned to full service in 24 hours. APF Polyaspartic 7500 is UV stable to ensure long-term gloss retention and resistance to yellowing. Developed as a high-performance coating for various protective coatings and seamless flooring applications, APF Polyaspartic 7500 is ideally suited for use as a finish coat in color chip and color quartz flooring systems and various types of decorative architectural concrete applications.


  • Excellent resistance to chemicals
  • Excellent resistance to elevated temperatures (<175ºF/80ºC)
  • Will cure down to 40ºF (4.5ºC)