Polyurethane 100

APF Polyurethane 100 is designed as a high-performance topcoat for protective coating and seamless flooring applications. APF Polyurethane 100 is a two component, high solids, aliphatic polyurethane coating. Offering a combination of unique performance properties, APF Polyurethane 100 produces a high-gloss protective film which is very hard, flexible and impact resistant. APF Polyurethane 100 features excellent resistance to abrasion and scratching. APF Polyurethane 100 exhibits durability in exterior applications, an easily cleaned surface, and excellent resistance to a broad range of chemicals. This product is formulated with an integral UV additive for excellent performance in sunlight and strong artificial light. A curing accelerator is available when rapid project turn-around is desired (required for Satin finish).


  • Resistant to fuels and many chemicals
  • Hard, high-gloss, easily cleaned surface
  • Graffiti resistant when used as wall surface