Polyurethane 250 VOC

APF Polyurethane 250 VOC is a two component, low viscosity acrylic urethane for use as a primer/sealer over a variety of surfaces. APF Polyurethane 250 VOC is environmentally compliant in California and other VOC restricted areas. APF Polyurethane 250 VOC is UV stable for use in exterior applications, cures rapidly, and may be re-coated with both solvent-based and water-based polyurethanes. When used as a finish coat, this material creates a hard, high gloss surface that offers excellent stain resistance and easy cleanability. Compared to solvent-based acrylic sealers, APF Polyurethane 250 VOC offers substantial improvements in initial gloss, retention of gloss, and overall performance. APF Polyurethane 250 VOC is available in a Satin finish.


  • Resistant to fuels and many chemicals
  • Hard, high-gloss, easily cleaned surface
  • Graffiti resistant when used as wall surface