Premera Crystal Guard

Premera Crystal Guard is part of the One Day Polish system: Step 1 is a densify and polish step, and Step 2 is a Guard that protects from food and drink acids and stains and can be continuously burnished. Premera Crystal Guard is a single component, polycarbonate polymer that provides abrasion and chemical stain resistance to polished concrete created with Crystal Densifier.

Premera Crystal Guard is the most stain resistant guard product on the market, providing several hours to permanent protection against coffee, vinegar, pickle juice, red wine, soda and others common stain causing agents. Crystal Guard is applied with a microfiber pad, and burnished with a 3000 grit diamond pad followed by a white buffing pad. The Premera One Day Polish System significantly reduces time to polish concrete, while also providing high chemical and abrasion resistance to concrete.