SLABLOC ® 50 is a High Performance 3-component water borne epoxy primer coating. It is sold as a two-component kit that is field extended with the third component, potable water. It is designed to
field extend with potable water to reduce its overall viscosity to improve penetration of the concrete substrate. It may enhance bond when residual contaminants are still in properly prepared concrete, such as residual sodium silicate, potassium silicate or lithium silicate surface hardeners or curing agents.


  • Complies with USDA, FDA, Food Safety Modernization Act.
  • LEED® and Green Seal® requirements
  • VOC and EPA Compliant in all states and provinces
  • North America. Cures to an inert finish.
  • Strong Adhesion
  • Designed for new floors and for resurfacing old floors
  • Helps prevent outgassing when coated over with 100% solids epoxies