SLABSEAL® 100 is a two-component abrasion, chemical, and stain-resistant aliphatic polyester polyurethane finish coat. It is available in clear gloss and clear satin. It cures to an inert, tough, impact, abrasion, and chemical resistant finish coat. It is resistant to Skydrol, betadine, and conventional hot tire staining. Excellent adhesion to SLABHARD coating systems. This product does require a primer. It is used as an upgraded finish coat on SLABHARD products and coating systems used in aircraft hangars, industrial kitchens, automotive showrooms and shop floors, commercial laboratories and research facilities, hospital and health care, wine and spirit processing, and other facilities subject to heavy foot traffic, forklift traffic and chemical attack. It is FED VOC Compliant.


  • Complies with USDA, FDA, Food Safety Modernization Act.
  • Slip Resistance (ADA)
  • LEED® and Green Seal® requirements
  • VOC and EPA Compliant all states and provinces in North America. Cures to an inert finish.
  • Strong and Tough Floor.
  • Excellent Chemical and Abrasion Resistance
  • Designed for new floors and for resurfacing old floors