SLABSEAL® 250 is a solvent-born acrylic, polyurethane concrete and masonry sealer. This low viscosity, two-component polyurethane is designed as a sealer and hybrid primer. It is a film-forming sealer that leaves the surface with a wet look.  It is a non-yellowing UV stable sealer that is available in clear gloss and clear satin. It cures to an inert, tough, concrete sealer.


  • Excellent adhesion to concrete unlike other polyurethanes
  • Concrete adhesion promoter/primer for polyurethanes, such as, SLABSEAL 100 CRU Clear Gloss
  • Slip Resistance (ADA)
  • LEED® and Green Seal® requirements.
  • VOC and EPA Compliant all states and provinces in North America. Cures to an inert finish.
  • Longer lasting gloss retention, more durable and tougher than single component acrylic floor sealers
  • As a sealer it is ideal for textured concrete and decorative cementitious overlayments, because its re-coat window is limitless