WP-81 & WP-82 Cement Modifiers are high solids acrylic-polymer modifiers that will give increased strength, flexibility and adhesion to most cement-based products. WP-81 & WP-82 make cement products
more waterproof, more stain resistant and will extend the life of cement products, especially if exposed to the elements. WP-82 is the low odor version and otherwise equal to WP-81.


  • Increases Strength and PSI
  • Allows Good Working Time
  • Allows Cement Products to be Feathered
  • Increases Adhesion to Most Surfaces
  • Helps to Waterproof and Increase Water Resistance
  • Safe Water-Based, No Solvents
  • Increases Flexibility as More WP-81 or WP-82 is Added
  • WP-81 is IAPMO Evaluated ER-587
  • WP-82 is Low Odor