MagmaFlo™ Epoxy is formulated specifically for use in metallic flooring applications. It is a low viscosity, 100% solids, commercial grade, clear epoxy that allows MagmaFlo Metallic Pigments to creep and


SLABREZ™ 500 is a two component, high build, high pigmented load epoxy binder that is especially designed to receive Desert Polymer Flooring’s vinyl chips systems. It is self-priming and is

Polyprime® 3042

Polyprime® 3042 is a two component, NSF-61 approved liquid applied epoxy primer. This primer has been developed for use on carbon steel, non-ferrous metal, fiberglass, PVC pipe, as well as


EC-36 100% Solids Epoxy is a two-component, medium viscosity, low odor, high-build, chemical resistant epoxy. BENEFITS USDA/FDA Compliant 100% Solids Medium Viscosity Chemical Resistant Convenient 2:1 Mix High Strength Low


EC-72 Epoxy Patch Gel is a high viscosity, two-component, 100% solids epoxy patching compound. It provides high-build, maximum toughness and excellent chemical resistance in a quick-drying gel form. BENEFITS Convenient


EC-12 Epoxy Primer is a two component, 100% solids, low viscosity, moisture tolerant, fast drying, high strength and multi-purpose epoxy primer. BENEFITS USDA/FDA Compliant 100% Solids Low Viscosity Chemical Resistant


EC-11 Water-Based Epoxy is a premium quality two-component, chemical resistant, long pot life epoxy coating. It provides epoxy toughness, medium gloss and durability, with the convenience of a water-based system.

Epoxy 550

APF Epoxy 550 is a high-solids, low odor material designed as a base coat for color chip flooring. Formulated with a high pigment load, APF Epoxy 550 has excellent substrate

Epoxy 400

APF Epoxy 400 is a low viscosity, 100% solids epoxy used in a variety of flooring applications including high build coatings, aggregate-filled flooring, and decorative vinyl mosaic flake, color quartz,

Epoxy 300 Flex

Epoxy 300 Flex was developed for industrial joint and crack repair. Its combination of resilience and physical strength allows it to absorb the impact of heavy loads and steel wheeled

Epoxy 100

Epoxy 100 is a two-component, water-based epoxy system that features ease of application, very low odor and excellent overall coating performance. This material cures blush free over a wide range

VaporSolve® Joint Filler

APF VaporSolve® Joint Filler is a specially formulated, high-solids thixotropic epoxy paste, designed for use over concrete with high moisture levels for the purpose of isolating the concrete from moisture

VaporSolve® 100

APF VaporSolve® 100 is a specially formulated, high-solids epoxy coating, designed for use over concrete with high moisture levels for the purpose of isolating the concrete from moisture sensitive flooring.

VaporSolve Primer

APF VaporSolve® Primer is a specially formulated, water-based epoxy primer, designed to provide superior adhesion over concrete with high levels of moisture vapor emission. When used with the companion finish

LTE Epoxy

APF L.T.E. Low Temperature Epoxy is a specially formulated, 100% solids acrylated epoxy system designed to provide positive cure down to 35ºF and extremely rapid room temperature cure. Its low

Epoxy Novolac 900

APF Epoxy Novolac 900 is a 100% solids, a multi-functional epoxy system designed to give highly cross-linked coatings with resistance to a broad range of chemicals including 98% sulfuric acid,

Epoxy 600

APF Epoxy 600 is a low viscosity, 100% solids epoxy designed to give improved chemical resistance over standard Bisphenol A based epoxy materials. This Bisphenol F epoxy modified material provides

Epoxy 400 Thixo

APF Epoxy 400 Thixotropic is a high viscosity, 100% solids resin system used to grout various aggregate filled epoxy flooring systems. It is also used for cove base and wall


SLABLOC® 100 is a clear 2-component, 100% solids, low odor, low viscosity epoxy that is specifically formulated as a moisture barrier primer to treat new and existing concrete substrates with


SLABLOC ® 50 is a High Performance 3-component water borne epoxy primer coating. It is sold as a two-component kit that is field extended with the third component, potable water.