Polyurea 5100

APF Polyurea 5100 is a two-component, high-solids, aliphatic Polyurea/Polyaspartic hybrid that provides the desirable properties of polyester-polyurethane materials with a shorter cure time and reduced film thickness limitations. APF Polyurea

Polyaspartic 7500

APF Polyaspartic 7500 is a low viscosity, easy to apply product that results in a very high gloss finish that is both hard and abrasion resistant. This material releases soil

FASTFLO™ 80 / 80X

SLABHARD FASTFLO™ 80 is a two-component, abrasion, chemical, and stain-resistant, fast-curing polyaspartic basecoat and topcoat. This material is formulated to be used as a fast-turnaround, one-day system application direct-to-concrete polyaspartic.


EASYFLO™ 88 VOC is a clear, 2-component, high solids, solvent-based polyaspartic coating product that gives you an extended working time. It is a tough, durable, UV-stable coating that has been