Crystal Densifier

Crystal Densifier: Premera Crystal Densifier is part of the One Day Polish system: Step 1 is a densify and polish step; Step 2 is a Guard that protects from food


Premera T9 VFC is a single component, spray down, sol-gel based clear liquid quartz coating that creates a thin and durable layer of quartz to protect vinyl, linoleum and vinyl

FP1 Fusion Primer

Premera FP1 Fusion Primer is a single component, spray on sol-gel based fusion primer that functions as a direct to substrate primer and as an inter-coat adhesion primer. FP1 Fusion

Premera T2 MCM

Premera T2 MCM is a single component, spray down sol-gel based, clear coating designed to protect concrete, terrazzo, tile and existing coatings by creating a high strength, quartz mineral barrier.