Our wide range of industrial concrete floor coatings are made available to us through some of the most trusted and reputable manufacturers in the industry.

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Facility Managers

  • Experiencing issues with slippery floors, chemical attacks, deteriorating cracks and joints? We can help solve your flooring problem. .

Industrial Contractors

  • Local availability of material.

Systems We Carry

Labs, Manufacturing Spaces, Corridors and Hallways of Industrial Facilities

We offer thin-film epoxy flooring systems, thin-film polyaspartic floor coating systems and wall coatings systems that provide chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, cleanability and light-reflectivity performance properties.

Heavy Industrial Manufacturing

Flooring solutions include aggregate epoxy filled floors for the resurfacing of severely degraded concrete. These high-density overlay systems provide slip-resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and chemical resistance properties designed to withstand the abuse of day-to-day operations.

Food & Beverage, Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Facilities

Concrete flooring solutions include polyurethane concrete systems. These systems are designed specifically for demanding environments where high resistance to impact, abrasion, chemicals and organic food acids is required. They also boast high thresholds for thermal shock resistance and provide anti-microbial properties.

Concrete Restoration Projects

Our system solutions include concrete repair systems, concrete resurfacing systems, concrete joint filler and concrete crack filler systems that breathe new life into existing damaged concrete slabs.

Warehouses & Corridors

We offer systems for concrete polishing which help to improve light reflectivity and prevent concrete dusting.

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