Tools & Preparation Materials

  • 4” Cup Wheels

    Engineered for grinding concrete, masonry and stone.
  • 7” Cup Wheels

    Engineered for grinding concrete, masonry and stone.
  • Acetone

    Type: Solvents
    Fast evaporating, VOC exempt solvent that can be used in epoxy, polyurethane and polyaspartic coatings.
  • Chip Brushes

    CHIP BRUSH–White China bristle. Our chip brushes are ideal for industrial applications, applying glues, epoxies, and cleaning around machinery. They work well for trimming in and around corners and edges.
  • Cove Trowels

    Radius cove trowel used to install integral cove base.
  • Crack Chasing Blades

    For cleaning, routing and repairing of cracks in concrete and most other building materials.
  • Easy Squeegee

    The Easy Squeegee provides industry leading precision, predictability and versatility when compared to competitive products. This frame was designed with protected threads and fasteners to eliminate material contact with the threads.
  • EasyCove®

    Easycove’s patented cove system is truly one of a kind! In the course of countless hours, designs and improvements, we are proud to offer you the most effective cove on the market. Longevity and durability are our standard and our commercial cove system, paired with our custom formulated adhesive creates …
  • Elite-Grind G 1400

    The Elite-Grind G 1400 series is available in a number of bond-hardness ranges, for use on materials ranging from porous ceramic glues and soft and rain-damaged concrete to terrazzo and semi-polished concrete.
  • Isopropyl Alcohol

    Type: Solvents
    Medium evaporating solvent used for general cleaning and can also be used to reduce epoxy coatings.
  • Magic Trowel®

    The Magic Trowel® is an exceptional floor squeegee that meets the needs of professional surface applications of the thickset, industrial-grade surface coverings. Designed specifically for epoxy coatings, topcoats, and other heavy materials such as cement compounds or admixtures.
  • Norton Sand Dollar

    Type: Abrasives
    The Norton Sand Dollar has a unique patented design that allows you to smooth and prep the surface of the floor to properly accept the next coat of finish without the risk of swirl marks. The foam backing pad allows the product to abrade the surface without penetrating deep into …
  • Roller Covers

    Professional, premium quality roller covers manufactured specifically for Floor Coatings / Industrial applications. These rollers are woven, made with shed-resistant fabric and set on a solvent-resistant core and hold and release coatings very well. They can be used on urethanes and epoxy coatings.
  • SLABHARD Orange Clean

    SLABHARD Orange Clean is a citrus-based cleaner that is safe and natural. This concentrated degreaser instantly dissolves grease, oil, animal fats, proteins, and adhesive. Orange Clean contains no petroleum solvents and has no flashback vapors when sprayed on surfaces. It can be used in auto scrubbers, pressure washers, bucket, or …
  • Spiked Shoes

    Polypropylene Spiked Shoes with 1" Rounded Spikes. Durable solvent-resistant polypropylene Snap lock buckle system Sharp or rounded tip spikes 3/4", 1", and 1-1/2" spike lengths 13 specially placed spikes per shoe
  • Xylene

    Type: Solvents
    Medium to evaporating aromatic solvent that can be used in epoxy, polyurethane and polyaspartic coatings.